Thursday, January 18, 2007

A sequoia has born

I bought a redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) burl in Muir Woods National Monument park near San Francisco a few weeks ago. The burl is basically a piece of redwood with mother cells within. I was skeptic to hear that a huge redwood can born from that apparently sterile piece of wood.

After some weeks of humidity and watering the burl, the green sprouts are starting to grow up. Unlike most other trees, the redwoods can reproduce not only from seed but also directly from their own burl growth. Even redwood logs that lay on the forest floor can sprout long after the parent tree has fallen.

This little guy can live for +1500 years from now on. It's amazing. I wonder if I'll be around to write a post with a picture of the first pine cone...


Narcís B said...

Hosti Jordi, mirant la foto em pensava que era un bistec, he hagut d'esfçar-me amb el meu limitat anglès per entendre que era un tros de fusta seca que brotava.

Eduardo Manchón said...

hey, sigue creciendo? se puede comprar online?

Jordi Lopez Ramot said...

Hola Eduardo! la mantengo en el recuerdo con la foto... creció hasta unos 30 cm en agua y decidí transplantarla a una maceta con tierra... y se vé que no le gustó :) estoy intentando revivirla.

La compré en el parque nacional Muir Woods al norte de San Francisco en USA, puedes comprar la tuya online:

Jordi Lopez Ramot said...

Hola Narcís, es increible no? :) jo era escèptic de que naixés res, pero ja veus, va neixer, va creixer i com pots llegir a l'altre meu comentari... va morir :(

M. D. Vaden of Oregon said...

I saw a giant version of that.

Winter of 2007, a big limb fell from the 5th largest coast redwood. As in hundreds or thousands of pounds. By spring, laying on the ground, it sprouted.

The sprouts survived the rather dry summer and into autum rain.



Largest Coast Redwoods & Hyperion Redwood